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Mozilla’s Download Day

Today was the Dowload Day at Firefox. They wanted to beat the world record of downloads and I guess they did. Mozilla’s servers were unable to reach. I finally was able to download the FF 3 release. I am not very fond of mass events but i am pleased to contrbute to FF expansion. It is by far the best browser, after years of using IE and lately Apple’s Safari.

Last month I assisted to Mozilla Europe’s CEO Tristan Nitot‘s speech at bDigital Global Congress. He evangelized about the good things of FF. It is really much faster and a better product than other browsers but the best is that is an open-source app done by 100’s of contributors of a lively community. It is an example of how to manage innovation in (huge) teams and how to manage (apparent) chaos to get results for the whole community.

Actualització: hi ha una festa organitzada sobre Firefox 3 en català. Més info a: http://mozillaparty.com/en-US/events/view/389